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Marry me in City rouge and gold!

Detroit City FC wedding invite

Detroit City FC supporters are some of the kindest, most caring and generous people you will ever meet…if you’re wearing rouge and gold. If you’re not, well, best you just walk away.

You’ll see both sides of Le Rouge’s supporters Sunday.

On one hand, we’ll be celebrating the nuptials of two of our more enthusiastic supporters, Katie and Alex, who are getting married on the pitch at halftime of Sunday’s City vs. FC Buffalo match.

We’ll all be there to sing and cheer and light off smoke bombs in celebration. The supporters stands at City matches are like a family reunion and we’re all incredibly excited to be taking part in our first Le Rouge wedding.

It’s an unusual event, to be sure, but just another example of the overwhelmingly positive and welcoming environment Detroit City matches have become.

Just a few weeks ago, City supporters helped raise $5,000 for Hooligans for Heroes a charity which works with the Wounded Warrior Project. Most of that money came from the sale of scarves, t-shirts and other merchandise as well as a silent auction for Detroit City FC game-worn jerseys.

We were also able to hand over gigantic swear jars stuffed with cash after having been passed around amongst the supporters. We love being generous with our time and money, almost as much as we love swearing.

We’re good people, and we hope that we’re known for that as much as we are becoming known in soccer circles as a bit of a scourge to our opponents.

We got word on Friday that there have been formal complaints filed by our opponents to the NPSL in every match but one this season. Complaints included:

Your supporters made fun of our club!

They made fun of our players.

They don’t make a family-friendly match.

Their PSAs are vulgar.

There’s no denying that all those things happened, but this isn’t tiny tots soccer. We’re not there to be nice, orange slices aren’t being served and everyone doesn’t get a trophy.

Sure, we can be vulgar, but that doesn’t mean that City matches aren’t family-friendly. We supporters sit on one side of the field and leave the big stands to families and those with more delicate sensibilities. The family side is a great place to sit with your kids, watch some great soccer and get them excited about the day they’ll be old enough to join us on the other side (literally and figuratively) and arm-in-arm with their fellow supporters, sing Alouette.

Detroit City FC and their supporters are welcoming of everyone, so long as you’re supporting Le Rouge (and even on a few special occasions, when you’re not).

But since we direct our ire at our opponents, they don’t see our nice side. That’s ok, though, we don’t want them to. We want them to think that we are angry, skull-faced hellbeasts in rouge and gold. We want to haunt their dreams. We want them to think that they’re not just there to play against eleven other guys on the field, but that walking on to that pitch means they are facing the entire City of Detroit. We want Cass Tech to be the hardest place to play in the country, and we’re succeeding.

City is undefeated and has given up just two goals over five home matches this season. Nobody has come close, and we like to think that we’ve been a part of that.

So it makes sense why there’s been formal complaints lodged about the supporters in four-out-of-five home matches this season. My only question is, what did we do wrong in that one match to not get complained about? I’d like to know so that we can try harder next time.

They’re complaining because they know that we’re dangerous to our foes. Too bad for them, we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Sunday is the final home game of the regular season, but the Great Lakes division tournament will be at Cass Tech July 13-14, so there will be more chances to show our opponents what it means to play in Detroit.

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