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“Detroit’s bankrupt” chants

I’ve always been one to say that Detroiters are over-sensitive when it comes to potshots at the city. Every late night comedian, every Saturday Night Live skit, and like last night, when another fan base runs out of quips that stay “between the lines” you’ll always hear them resort to ignorantly blasting the city.

Chicago fans infamous for their “Detroit Sucks” chant. Which in my opinion is fine. It could be taken as a shot at the city, but I believe most Blackhawks fans are simply rooting on their team by way of taking a dig at the Wings.

No problem.

You’d think a city with such a “tough” reputation would let that roll right off its back. After all, it’s all in good fun…

“De-troit’s Bank-rupt!”

Yikes, that’s not in the spirit of competition at all.  Actually, that’s down right malicious.

During the first round of the Stanley Cup finals, a fan in Toronto took the “Boston Strong” slogan and made a “Toronto Stronger” sign– There was outrage. Nobody thinks it’s morally “OK” to poke fun at Hurricane Katrina when the Saints come to town, if that happened– there would be outrage.. Colorado wildfires,Hurricane Sandy:

You wouldn’t dare.

Detroit on the other hand…

Detroit didn’t go through a physical tragedy (if you went through the city you wouldn’t know that). Yes, Detroit and the people who live here have a lot to do with how the city ended-up where it is at today. Is that what makes it OK for opposing fan bases to use it as a taunt?

Is it the simple fact Detroit’s disaster just doesn’t meet the proper criteria for empathy?

When I wake up tomorrow, I don’t anticipate any national outrage. Nobody is coming to Detroit’s defense and nobody will feel bad about kicking Detroit while it’s down.

That’s fine.  We’re used to it, and at this point who would ever expect that?

This isn’t a “Detroit’s sports teams are all we have” piece.It’s simply not true. However, it is true that Detroit loves its sports and uses them to embody passion for the city itself.Passion that fills up Comerica Park on a nightly basis, something Progressive Field can’t do even in the throes of a pennant race.So when I see fans reacting to taunts and potshots from now on, you won’t hear a peep out of me.

Go ahead and post videos of “the Drive” directed back at Cleveland fans.

Keep counting all those Cleveland championships since 1964.

Remind them of this video, where Cleveland’s community leaders decide to throw the city’s dignity into this “river fire” of a video:



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