Pistons new alternate jersey is lackluster

Greg Monroe’s model face

Wednesday morning, pictures and a short video clip of Greg Monroe donning the Detroit Pistons’ new alternate jersey surfaced on the Internet.

And they’re just OK.

The new threads are darker blue with red and white lettering/numbers and say “MOTOR CITY” across the chest instead of the traditional “PISTONS.” There’s some new red piping on the side with a solid red panel halfway down as well.

To me, I think it was a great idea, but the design didn’t go quite far enough to make them interesting and intriguing. Yes, they’re new. Yes, they include a term we all identify with and most proclaim proudly. But it’s the same font we’ve gotten accustomed to and there’s no real interesting features that usually define an alternate jersey.

Overall, I think it will sell well in the Palace Locker Room store, but a chance to do something hip or cutting-edge was missed. How about including the skyline somewhere or putting the numbers inside an outline of the Spirit of Detroit? To me, this was the easy way out. But hey, at least they’re new.

They’ll be worn during Sunday home games throughout the season.

Back of the new alternate jersey
Back of the new alternate jersey

Your thoughts?