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I want the Tigers to win because I am a selfish millennial jerk

Jason Giambi pushes back the celebration at least one more night as he lifts the Cleveland Indians over the White Sox 5-4 with a bottom of the ninth home run in-front of 21,000 strong(?) at Progressive Field.

Don’t worry, There will be a celebration and the Tiger will win the Central division. (Bold prediction when the magic number is one, right?)

I will have no problem with the celebrating. There’s nothing wrong with accomplishing what you set out to do at the beginning of the season (I am sure most of us thought the division would be put away by now) and celebrating with a little bubbly and those dumb goggles they all wear.


Obviously the division isn’t enough this season, neither is winning a playoff series, and neither is an American League Championship…It has to be a World Series.

No “that was a fun ride.” Win or bust.

There are plenty of good reasons the Tigers have to win; The most obvious is that Mike Illitch isn’t going to be around forever and as many dollars as he’s thrown toward a World Series, it’s be a shame if he didn’t win one.

A lot of people will tell you the payroll dictates that they should win it all, and I can’t say that’s unfair. Payroll doesn’t buy you championships, but money well spent does buy you an advantage and higher expectations.

The stuff is all true, and certainly more important than the fact that I’ve never seen a World Series, but that’s what makes me most cranky.

To put that in perspective (Ya, I know, how can a millennial have perspective? and of course he sounds like a know it all!), the Red Wings went 42-years and people freaked out. My dad cried.

Forty-two years the Red Wings went, and we talked about it like it was an eternity.

Twenty-nine years later and those that were alive speak as if 1984 was just yesterday.

Is 12 years the difference between a long time ago, and just yesterday? I am glad you all have the memory of ’84, but I am ready for my own.

I think a lot of my angst stems from every October “Local 4” busting out “Bless You Boys.” For Sweet Lou’s sake! move on!

My memory of Sweet Lou, by the way? My Dad chantling “Lou” in the twilight of his career with the Tigers, and playing him in RBI Baseball III on Sega Genesis.

While you’ve been satisfied by 1984 the last 29-seasons, I grew up with Tony Clark, Bobby Higginson, and Justin Thompson. Juan Gonzalez was a real treat. Prior to 2006, the most important Tigers Home Run I remembered was Robert Fick closing down Tiger Stadium. Aw Heck, prior to 2006, I had seen the Detroit Lions win more playoff games in my lifetime than the Tigers.

I promise I am not saying I deserve it.

The Red Wings have been the silver spoon I was born with, The Lions have been fruitless labor, and the Tigers have been the investment I keep making, and appear ready to payoff.

Who doesn’t want their investment to payoff?

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