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Ryan’s Lions week one review: Johnson, Bush, and what to do with Brandon Pettigrew

The Detroit Lions tried their damnedest to turn week one into a living breathing “Lions cliche.”

Ndamukong Suh is being accused of playing “dirty,” the first half saw the Lions take a penalty on what seemed like every play, and touchdown-after-touchdown for the Lions didn’t count for one-reason or another.

Despite making a 34-24 win over the Vikings look as hard as possible, the Lions prevailed and sit at 1-0 for the third season in a row.

Sometimes when a team wins, you have to nit-pick to find what stuck out.Yesterday, this wasn’t the case:

The Calvin Johnson rule

Calvin JohnsonPoor Calvin Johnson.

When the rules in the NBA changed for Michael Jordan, it didn’t make his life harder.

When the NFL introduced the “Tom Brady tuck rule” and the “Don’t hit Tom Brady low rule”, you know who that benefited? Tom Brady.

For some reason the Calvin “Complete the Process” Johnson rule continues to haunt Megatron. It seems to me this rule is the NFL stepping on its own credibility, and yesterday’s (non-)catch is a perfect example as to why.

As I saw it, Calvin Johnson reaches up, caught the ball, brought the ball into his body for a moment, then extended the ball to reach into the end zone, thereby breaking the plain.

If that’s a running back breaking the plain of the end zone, it is a touchdown. More importantly, if instead of Johnson hitting the ground and causing a fumble, an opposing DB swats the ball out of his hands after it crossing the plain my gut tells me that Johnson’s “football move” would have dictated he had possession and it results in a touchdown.

Sure, in the long run this didn’t cost anybody anything other than fantasy football players some points in their week one match-up. It doesn’t make the rule any better, and I can only hope that this doesn’t get swept under the rug until the next time it happens… most likely to Calvin Johnson and the Lions.

Getting Bush lives up to hype in week one

Reggie Bush

Week one isn’t the time to declare much of anything, but seeing the way the offense clicked with Johnson and Reggie Bush in the game was really hard not to get excited about.  Fact of the matter is Bush adds that “pick your poison, no wait it’s in both cups!” Princess Bride scenario Lions fans declared a fairy tale once upon a time.

A touchdown and 191 all-purpose yards by a Lions back? Next thing you’ll tell me is Matt Stafford was able to throw a lot of passes to many different receivers… wait, THAT HAPPENED !

Brandon Pettigrew fumbles away

As much as winning a division game against the Vikings was a case for this year’s Lions being not the “same old Lions,” Brandon Pettigrew did his best to remind us that not all has changed in Honolulu blueland.

I want to stick by Pettigrew. He’s a physical specimen, a solid bolcker, and once in a while makes an incredible catch.

I’m not joking, the guy has made some fantastic plays as a Lion.

Oh you don’t remember that?  Well why would you? It’s a lot more obvious the guy has more drops than Drew Lane, and is more famous for fumbling than Brandon Moore’s ass (he played the part of “butt” in Mark Sanchez’ famous last film”Butt Fumble”.)

As somebody that’s made excuses for Pettigrew in the past, he’s on thin ice with me.. and now that Joseph Fauria is doing that whole “catch the ball” act (unless something changes fast), Pettigrew’s days might be numbered.

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